The webspace of the original  entity known as Cadder.

So who is this Cadder person, anyway? What the hell is a cadder?

Cadder (n) One who CADs. "Cad nominatim, CAD per professio, cad per vis."

Charm, wit, personality.. and to think he gave all these things up for a life of Computer Aided Design, drafting, 3D modelling, graphic design, imagery, CNC profiling, programming, web mastery, tech support and professional nerditry in general. Such is life.

Nerdy stuff on this site:
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Who Cadder isn't:

  • This particular Cadder has nothing to do with the district of Lanarkshire County in Scotland, its Parish, nor the people living thereabouts.
  • This Cadder has nothing to do with the namesake avenue in Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada.
  • This Cadder has no association whatsoever with the software by the same name written and distributed by a German manufacturing company... and although it is an odd coincidence that it's architectural CAD software, this Cadder has neither experience in its use, nor the expertise to provide technical support for it.
  • To questing RPG players: seek elsewhere! ...for this Cadder has nought to do with healers nor the connotation with anyone having skills in using a device called a caduceus, nor necromancy, neuromancy, alchemy, or their ilk.
  • And finally, this Cadder is absolutely nothing to do with (from last count) at least two American dudes and an Italian guy who seem to have separately adopted the nickname, nor the Norweigan student who produced his own oddly-humoured ASCII text cartoons.

    This is the webspace of Cadderus Australis, The Australian Cadder, who's been haunting the Internet for some 21 or so years now.

    Welcome. This is my own little warped piece of Cyberspace.

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    *"Cad by name, CAD by trade, cad by nature."

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